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Owning a Home Can Be a Hassle

We Can Help

Expertly Personalized Home Solutions means just that. We take into account the uniqueness of your home, your budget, your schedule(and your skills- if you are a DIY’er that just needs a little help). We strive to take every aspect of your home environment into consideration, so that we can make comprehensive recommendations.

We encourage you to reach out to us to inquire about any service for your home, even if your need is not listed below. We would love to meet you.

Home Repair and Maintenance

Demystifying Homeownership and Maintenance

Has this ever happened to you?

You seek the help of a professional in a specialized profession; for example, an accountant. You present your question or concern and they respond with technical terms about laws, forms, and requirements that leave your head spinning…? Or, you spent hours on YouTube to find the perfect soufflé recipe and what you just took out of the oven is a serious flop? It’s so FRUSTRATING, who do you turn to next? Well, we can’t help with your accounting, and we are pretty mediocre chefs, but we know homes. And we want to share our craft with you in a way that makes sense to you, and your situation, so that you can proceed with confidence.

Our goal is to assist you in enjoying and understanding your home. You can count on Informative Project Solutions to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions about your home maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Whether we are doing the work ourselves, or collaborating with a larger contractor on your behalf, we won’t leave you disappointed.

Home ownership doesn’t have to be a hassle.
And you don’t have to figure it on your own.

We aim to be available to our clients for as much, or as little, as they need or want. It takes a lot to make a house a home. We are here to help in both big and small ways. It’s impossible to list all the ways that we can help. Some projects that we can assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Remodeling, planning, preparation, and selective demolition
  • Emergency Response (24hrs a day)
  • Collaboration during the process of a large scale remodel to ensure that both the contractor and the homeowner meet at the end of the job feeling grateful and satisfied.
  • Special care and consideration for historical home remodeling/repairs, including window re-glazing, recommendations for environmental testing, and sourcing historical components
  • Custom Built-ins
  • Minor Plumbing
    • Unclogging drains
    • Replace sink drain/trap
    • Replace faucets
    • Toilet repair(wax ring, fill valves, install new toilet, etc.)
  • Siding & soffit repair/replacement
  • Water damage repairs
  • Insulation/Ventilation improvements(this is an important element in building science, inefficiency in either is the cause of ice damming)
  • Decorating/aesthetic improvements
    • Instillation window treatments
    • Sewing projects(ex. curtains, pillows, etc.)
    • Wallpaper
    • Painting
    • Help with your “Pinterest Projects”
    • Art/mirror hanging
    • Towel/grab bar installation
    • Change light fixtures
    • Change bulbs in hard-to-reach light fixtures
  • Preparation for listing and marketing(maintenance, repairs, and aesthetic improvements)
  • Furniture assembly
  • Installation/removal of holiday décor
  • Refinishing furniture
  • Life Style Changes
    • Preparation for baby & toddler proofing (including lead testing). Children typically receive blood testing at 1 year of age, why wait that long to discover a health concern when you can be proactive by preparing your space now?
      • Safety gates
      • Cabinet locks
      • Deck/Fall prevention
      • Pool Safety
    • Senior “Aging in Place” preparations
    • Healthy Home Inspections- are you navigating an illness that has been hard to diagnose or recover from? Is your home negatively impacting your health? This could be explained by mold, radon, CO, water quality, poor indoor air quality, or lead dust.
  • Kitchen/bath tile maintenance (caulking and grout work)
  • Door and/or hardware replacement
  • Dog/cat door installation
  • “DIY” Security Camera/System Installs (Ex. Ring Cameras)
  • Organization and Management of Personal Belonging: Purge/Donate/Store (In collaboration with Call Sheilah!)
  • Seasonal Home Maintenance (clean gutters, roof valleys, winterize outdoor plumbing)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Exterior Services
    • Pressure washing (done thoroughly)
    • Deck refinishing/staining
  • Hauling/delivery
    • moving personal belongings/delivering new purchases/large item disposal
  • Camper/RV Service & Maintenance -Basic repairs and troubleshooting major issues, to include but not limited to:
    • Caulking
    • Winterizing
    • Plumbing:
      • Toilet valve
      • Faucets
    • Electrical
      • Lights
      • Switches
      • Fuse replacement

It may be easier to say what we DON’T DO! We don’t personally build additions or decks, install large scale plumbing, full electrical services, install new roofs, build retaining walls, mow lawns, walk dogs, or baby sit ;-). However, we are happy to offer collaboration services with your contractors so that your project and communication continue to evolve. Or, we are happy to refer the best local talent to complete your project needs.

We honor and respect the talents of great specialty trade contractors.

A Note to Contractors: We are always looking for trade professionals to collaborate with! If our message resonates with you, please reach out. Let’s grow and build together!

Project Management

  • Planning and exploring remodeling and improvement possibilities? Need help with ideas, planning, contractor recommendation, or project management? Big dreams are fun, but do you understand the limitations of your property?
  • Collaboration Specialist: We feel that the reason some residential improvement projects “go bad,” or end up in litigation, can be boiled down to a few key points: a lack of communication, and unclear expectations. We “speak” contractor and home owner, and as an interpreter, our hope is that the finished product is a the result of a shared vision between all parties. Whether making initial plans and decisions, or responding to evolving changes in methods, materials, weather conditions, product availability, site limitations, or any of the other aspects of a construction project, it is imperative that both the contractor(s) and the home owner have an open line of communication. Whether you are home, or away attending to other obligations, we can help by explaining trade jargon, providing progress photos, offering suggestions, and/or simply be an unbiased conduit toward a great finished product.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~Albert Einstein

  • An Ally: Are you in the middle of an improvement with growing concern for the ability of the contractor to meet your expectations? Or, is the concern obvious and you need assistance reaching a resolution? Do you feel like every time you talk to your contractor you have more questions than answers? Do you feel like you just aren’t speaking the same language? We can offer you a ‘second opinion.’ Perhaps together we can find non-confrontational resolution with the contractor, or I may be able to help you understand why the issue is occurring is outside the scope of the work in question.
  • Estate Assistance: “Real Property” Estate and Trust collaboration with families, attorneys and other professionals to evaluate property conditions. We have been of service to both families, and their legal representative when the death of a property owner requires evaluation of the property conditions, changing locks, improve site safety and security concerns, and/or to collect contents.
  • Owners Advocate: We can partner with you to protect your investment. Property management solutions for:
    • Investors: Turn over inspections, new lease preparations, and maintenance calls.
    • Seasonal home/camp maintenance
    • Vacation/Travel: Concerns at home while you’re away, do you need someone to check on your home?
  • Caring for Parents/Seniors: Are you and your family caring for an aging loved one?
    • Help with senior parents who are “aging in place”- we can offer improvements to increase safety and improve mobility.
  • Construction Site Cleaning
    • Cleaning in preparation for LBP Clearance Testing
    • General post construction site cleaning
  • Collaborations with Specialty Trade Professionals
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Pest Control
    • Radon Mitigation
    • Chimney Inspections and Repair
    • Mold Remediation Contractors
    • Asbestos Remediation Contractors
    • General Contractors
    • Lead and Asbestos Testing (Flatley Read)
    • Moving/Organizing/Downsizing Specialist (Call Sheilah!)

Educational Classes

  • Home Buyers Classes (not just for first timers)
  • Maintenance and Repair Classes(at our location or yours). Group and Individual classes TBD, but if you have a need or burning curiosity on how to get your hands dirty, please ask! The possibilities are endless! But here are are a few ideas:
    • House Shopping? Don’t waste your time, and your agents time, on a definitive NO. What can you learn from the listing information?
    • Exploring “building science”
    • What is Preventative Maintenance?
    • Congratulations on your new home(what to tackle first?)
    • Painting classes: Is there lead based paint in your home? Deciding on sheen, color and brand? Do you want to learn to paint without dealing with “taping off” when cutting in?
    • Exploring different building materials(pro/cons, installation requirements)
    • Exploring roofing options and limitations
    • Plumbing: Can you make that repair yourself?
    • Understanding Heating options: So, you want to be more ‘green’?
    • You’ve found Mold in your home: what you need to know now.
    • Have a different interest? Please ask!
  • Personalized Project Assistance and Pinterest Inspired Help
  • NYS Mold Licensing(in collaboration with Flatley Read in Mechanicville)
    • Mold Assessor
    • Mold Remediator
    • Mold Remediation Worker
    • Refresher Class
  • EPA RRP Contractor(Renovations, Repairs and Painting): This class is not just for a trade professional. If you bought a an older home, whether your plan to do any renovations or not(yourself or with contractors), this class is a must to educate yourself and protect your family, especially if you have children (or plan to have children in your home). (In collaboration with Flatley Read in Mechanicville).
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